About us

Last updated: Thu, 12 Sep, 2013, 12:06 time Jerusalem

Who We Are

Union of Health Work Committees (UHWC) is a Palestinian, non-governmental, health, grass-rooted, non-profit  organization, established in 1985.

UHWC is based on its work on a fundamental goal which is to contribute in improving the health situation in Palestine through the provision of primary and secondary diagnostic and therapeutic services, besides the implementation of community-based programs.



Believing in the value of life, and the right for every person to have a quality health care services, UHWC is working to have a comprehensive health system based on the To contribute in improving the health status of the Palestinian individuals and groups and to decrease morbidity and mortality rates aiming to actualize the concept “Comprehensive Health Development Approach”.



UHWC is a non-governmental grass rooted organization that provides comprehensive health services through a developmental community and social framework to all sectors of the Palestinian people especially the marginalized and poor ones through its health centers and community programs.

UHWC also contributes in related public and sectarian policies to achieve a comprehensive health system based on the international conventions of human rights.



Health Service is a right to whoever needs it